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*Interview* Jay-Z “Evolution of My Style”

To any Jay-Z fan who owns and iPhone and decides to get his Decoded app, you’ll also recieve this breif video where Jay speaks on how his style has evolved and how he experiments with different techiniques in his rhymes. If you liked the video I highly recommend picking up his book Decoded. It goes in depth with some of Jay-Z’s best verses and where the inspiration came from. I learned a lot about his mentality from reading it.

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*New Video* J. Cole ft. Drake “In The Morning”

It’s always good to see two of hip-hop’s brightest new acts link up and create some good music. “In The Morning” was featured on J. Cole’s amazing Friday Night Lights mixtape. While this may not be Drake or J. Cole’s finest lyrical work, the song and video are still both worth a watch and listen.

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*Live Performance* Eminem & Lil Wayne On SNL

Eminem and Lil Wayne recently performed on Saturday Night Live. First the duo performed “No Love” and in the video above, Em goes through “Won’t Back Down” which transitioned into Weezy’s first performance of his new single “6′7.” Not only are these two of the best in the game, but this performance was Lil Wayne’s first nationally televised appearance since his release from jail. Welcome home Lil Wayne, I’m glad to say I can retire my “Free Weezy” shirt!

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*Humor* Dallas Mavericks re-create Kanye West’s “Power” Video

Dirk has the Power!!! The Dallas Mavericks decided to do a little self-promotion and re-create Kanye West’s moving painting, video, thing for his single “Power.” Maybe this will give the Mavs a little boost when the playoffs roll around…

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*Freestyle* Jay Rock & Tech N9ne

Strange Music’s newest artist Jay Rock shoots a little freestyle with label boss Tech N9ne for the XXL cameras. Hopefully Jay Rock’s move away from Warner Bro’s Records can speed up his album release.

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*Live Performance* Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa came to my neck of the woods last night and held it down at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT with yours truly in attendance. I can testify that Wiz Khalifa puts on one hell of a show. Big K.R.I.T. opened up for him and the entire show was nuts. My only complaint is that it took forever for Wiz and the rest of the Taylor Gang to take the stage! If the Waken Baken Tour comes to a city near you I definitely recommend checking it out.

*Live Performance* Q-Tip & Black Thought “Straight Outta Compton”

While performing at the Hennessy Artistry event in Chicago, Q-Tip and Black Thought paid homage to N.W.A. with their rendition of “Straight Outta Compton.” I didn’t dislike this version, this is just one of the few songs that can never be re-done and be better than the original. There’s just something about the gritty voices of the members of N.W.A. that take “Straight Outta Compton” to another level and make it a hip-hop classic.

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*Live Performance* Wu-Tang Clan “Triumph”

As one of the headliners of the Rock The Bells 2010, the ENTIRE Wu-Tang Clan took to the stage to perform their classic album 36 Chambers in its entirety. In this video, they perform “Triumph” with O.D.B.’s son filling in for his late father.

Source: Rap Radar

*Interview* Jay Electronica & DJ Semtex

Jay Electronica sits down with DJ Semtex to discuss his European tour, traveling the world, and most importantly his upcoming project Act II. Jay Elect is aiming to release it on his birthday, which is September 19th. A month?!? I can’t wait another month for this. I can still remember hearing “Exhibit C” for the first time and not quite realizing how amazing it was. Then a couple of rotations later, and I was hooked. This guy is one of the dopest lyricists I’ve ever heard and he’s exactly what hip-hop needs. If by some miracle Jay Electronica sees this: Make my day life and let me get an advance copy!

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*News* Birdman Buys A $2.5 Million Bugatti

Really? $2,500,000 on a car? Yeah it can reach speeds of 267 MPH, but where are you going to drive that fast? Even if you get it going that fast, you’ll run out of gas in 12 minutes and the tires will disintegrate in 15 minutes. Oh and it costs $300,000 a year just for maintenance. I get it, you’ve got a ton of money. But I’m positive Birdman could have found a better use for all those bills. Like Katrina or Haiti relief efforts. Message to all rappers: Money isn’t everything, try being a role model every now and then.

Source: Rap Radar