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*New Music* Nas “Courthouse”

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Seems like Nas has been releasing some nice gems as of late….. Word on the streets is that Nas might be joining The G.O.O.D. Music Family!

Kanye, Common, Nas,Pusha T, and Mos…thats a helluva starting 5….with a strong bench(Cudi,CyHi,Big Sean,Cons,GLC) and lets not forget Legend, Uncle Charlie, Tony Williams and MR Hudson!!!!!

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*New Music* Nas “No Ideas Original” (Large Professor Remix)

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Here’s an exclusive remix of Gnozir’s “No Ideas Original” produced by the one and only Large Pro for an identically titled remix project from DJ Teddy King and Boundless Music. King basically grabbed a bunch of  Gnozir a capellas and dialed up a few producer buddies to have their way with them. The results are mixed as you would expect, but there are definitely some gems including this and a mean remix of “Fast Life” by Geng Grizzly. Preview both songs below and hit the jump for the mixtape tracklist and download link.

This is one of my fav. Nas tracks…. I think it would be dope for Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Large Pro and Premo to produce some new material for Nas!!!!!

Via: NahRight

*Interview* Nas Says Hip Hop Is Too Young To Have A G.O.A.T.

I would definitely have to agree with Nas. But with the way mcs are hot one year and you forget their name the next it’s like we feel the need to have a figure that validates the culture . No other genre has the hottest of all-time list either. I believe the competitive nature of Hip Hope makes fans want to name the G.O.A.T. of Hip Hop.

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*News* Nas Calls Out Def Jam Executives

Rumors have been floating around that Nas recently sent an e-mail to Def Jam Executives. Well a transcript of the alleged e-mail has surfaced and here’s what Nas had to say:

From: Nas
To: LA Reid, Steve Bartels, Steve Gawley, Michael Seltzer, Joseph Borrino, Chris Hicks
Peace to all,

With all do respect to you all, Nas is NOBODY’s slave. This is not the 1800′s, respect me and I will respect you. I won’t even tap dance around in an email, I will get right into it. People connect to the Artist @ the end of the day, they don’t connect with the executives. Honestly, nobody even cares what label puts out a great record, they care about who recorded it. Yet time and time again its the executives who always stand in the way of a creative artist’s dream and aspirations. You don’t help draw the truth from my deepest and most inner soul, you don’t even do a great job @ selling it. The #1 problem with DEF JAM is pretty simple and obvious, the executives think they are the stars. You aren’t…. not even close. As a matter of fact, you wish you were, but it didn’t work out so you took a desk job. To the consumer, I COME FIRST. Stop trying to deprive them! I have a fan base that dies for my music and a RAP label that doesn’t understand RAP. Pretty fucked up situation”

This isn’t the 90′s though. Beefing with record labels is so 15 years ago. @ this point I just need you all to be very clear where I stand and how I feel about “my label.” I could go on twitter or hot 97 tomorrow and get 100,000 protesters @ your building but I choose to walk my own path my own way because since day one I have been my own man. I did business with Tommy Mottola and Donnie Einer, two of the most psycho dudes this business ever created. I worked well with them for one major reason……. they believed in me. The didn’t give a fuck about what any radio station or magazine said….those dudes had me.

Lost Tapes is a movement and a very important set up piece for my career as it stands. I started this over 5 years ago @ Columbia and nobody knew what it was or what it did but the label put it out as an LP and the fans went crazy for it and I single handlely built a new brand of rap albums. It’s smart and after 5 years it’s still a head of the game. This feels great and you not feeling what I’m feeling is disturbing. Don’t get in the way of my creativity. We are aligned with the stars here, this is a movement. There is a thing called KARMA that comes to haunt you when you tamper with the aligning stars. WE ARE GIVING THE PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. Stop throwing dog shit on a MAGICAL moment.

You don’t get another Nas recording that doesn’t count against my deal….PERIOD! Keep your bullshit $200,000.00 fund. Open the REAL budget. This is a New York pioneers ALBUM, there ain’t many of us. I am ready to drop in the 4th quarter. You don’t even have shit coming out! Stop being your own worst enemy. Let’s get money! – - N.Jones

Talk about speaking your mind. Nas is right, artists shouldn’t pimped out by their labels. Hopefully the people at Def Jam (as well as the ones at Atlantic: I want that Lupe Album!) get the message and start to let their MC’s live freely and release material when they want, not on someone else’s schedule.

Via: Hit Hip Hop

*Video* Nas Interviewed By The305

Dope Interview, can’t wait till we get a new nas solo album…..”untitled” was seriously slept on!!!!!

Via: The305

*Audio* Nas – “Power, Paper, & Pussy”(DJ)

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Nas is back at it. I’ve always said that Nas is one of the greatest lyricists of our time. No one has ever been able to match his style. Power, Paper,  Pussy is classic Nas over a smooth track.

Nike’s SB Paul Rodriguez 4 Commercial Feat. Nas

Ok forgive me but i don’t know who Paul Rodriguez is and im too lazy to GOOGLE him…..but nas is one the the greatest so i must take notice. This commercial is dope, but i keep thinking is Mr. Illmatic doing this too pay those Milkshake bills??????

*Live Performance* Nas & Damian Marley “Africa Must Wake Up”

Nas and Damian Marley shut down Brooklyn with “Africa Must Wake Up” as part of their Distant Relatives World Tour. This is probably my favorite song off the album and its just as good live.

Source: Rap Radar

*Interview* B-Real Of Cypress Hill Speaks On Wack Music

B-Real let’s his views be known about the garbage they shove down your throats nowadays in the rap game. Other than Drake, there aren’t really any other quality artists that get extensive coverage. Ross is on the scene alot. Maybe Weezy. What about the super marketing of the Reflection Eternals or the J. Cole’s? Ludacris, as well as Nas and Damian Marley did alot of their own promo for their latest projects. B-Real keeps it real for a couple minutes in this one. Check it out!

SOURCE: 57th Ave

Jay Electronica Confirms Game, Nas, & Swizz Collab

Looks like Jay E wants too steal some shine from Rick Ross day, lol. First he released a track about Erykah today and he wants too leak a song he recorded with Game and Nas…… How bout give us a album title or a release date homie???

Peep the joint “@fatbellybella” below….