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“Is HipHop Turning Gay???”

Skinny Jeans, Mohawks, Chardonnay… When did this become a staple in HipHop????

For the past couple of years a new trend has taken place from artists Lil’ Wayne to Kanye West…Skinny Jeans!!!! WTF is going on with HipHop in 2010? Ok i know there will always be new trends every few years but when did the most misogynistic genre of music become so damn GAY?

I was listening earlier to Drake being interviewed by YN over at Rap Radar and was floored when i heard that they were drinking Wine Spritzers like this has replaced Henny or Champagne (Moet,Ace of Spade). Now i have been a bartender for over 10 years and haven’t once encountered a MAN ordering a fucking wine spritzer! A couple of weeks ago Funk Flex or Angie (can’t remember right now) was interviewing Kanye and all he kept talk about was his damn wine…now im a HUGE Kanye and Drake fan but seriously its time we call them out for this shit!!!!

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Wacka Flocka Makes MTV’s Hottest MC List???

So earlier today i posted a video from mtv promoting their annual hottest mc list….as i looked closely you can see the list in the background.

So Lil’ Wayne is #7 and Wacka Flocka is #8?????? Are you serious….so is B Pumper & Gucci on this list also????

WTF????? I mean seriously mtv, really? If this is true i am calling for all my fellow blog sites too  boycott mtv related posts, and i also demand the  so called “Brain Trust” of MTV’s HipHop division to resign!!!

Shaheem Reid you should be ashamed of yourself and Sway you know better!!!!!

DJ Absolut Sues Over Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”

New York radio personality DJ Absolut has reportedly filed a lawsuit over Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” hit song and claimed that he helped contribute to its production.

Absolut has filed a lawsuit against the song’s alleged co-producer/writer Kia Shine.

This doesnt suprise me, i remember when i used to own a record store back in the days and used to order mixtapes from that lil bitch dj absolut…..he was a lil bitch then and prolly is now….Think i will go buy me a Kia Shine cd today LMAO!!!!

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WTF??? Justin Bieber Freestyle On Tim Westwood TV

Seriously what is the world coming too…this has too be the worst freestyle i have ever heard of my life!!!

And for him to claim ATL, really gives me sad face….i rather hear gucci mane go ham all day than too be subjected too this and for the nerve of tim westwood too act like this lil kid tore up the mic and actually accomplished anything other than make a fool out of himself and too disrespect the art form…SMH!

I am calling for Diggy Simmons too put Justin Bieber on blast!!!