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*Album Review* Lupe Fiasco- “Lasers”

Lupe Fiasco’s latest contribution to the Hip Hop world entitled Lasers is definitely not far from the Lupe that first hit the scene with Food & Liquor. Over the past few years Lupe has struggled with his label not understanding his creativity. Lasers boast some of Lupe’s most insightful lyrics to date. With production from The Future, Needlez among other underground producers Lasers has a unique sound. Let’s get into Lasers the album many of us thought we would never hear.

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*Album Review* Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being”

Even in jail Lil Wayne still manages to drop music and videos as if he was still home. I Am Not a Human Being shows Wayne has an incredible work ethic that rivals the late great Tupac. With guest appearances from his Drake, Nicki Minaj, T-Street, Jay Sean and Lil Twist Wayne kept it all in the Young Money/Cash Money Family.  Let’s get into I Am Not Human Being.

Lil Wayne opens I Am Not A Human Being with Gonnoreah feat. Drake. Drake steals the show. He speaks on magazines asking if he is still with Young Money. You gotta admit the Hip Hop head in you wishes he was on G.O.O.D. Music.  Moving forward Wayne hits us with the Kanye sounding With You feat. Drake. I wish Drake would have dropped a verse on this track but his singing is a nice compliment. Wayne adds I’m Single from the No Ceilings Mixtape. With the underground success of I’m Single it was a no brainer to put it on the cd. The added bonus is Drake is on the track. My only problem is I can’t tell. On Whats Wrong With Them Nicki is on the catchy hook. I can definitely see this as a single. It would be dope if they reworked it with a verse from Nicki.

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*News* Bun B’s Trill O.G. Receives 5 Mic Rating From The Source

For those of you who don’t know, if The Source (Yes, The Source is still around) gives an album a 5 Mic rating, that means they consider it “A Hip-Hop Classic.” The magazine recently gave Bun B’s Trill O.G. that honor and a lot of people are questioning it. Trill O.G. is a great album and I love Bun B, but I don’t think its a classic album. The last few albums to receive a 5 Mic rating were Lil Kim’s The Naked Truth, Scarface’s The Fix, Nas’s Stillmatic, Jay-Z’s The Blueprint and Outkast’s Aquemini. Other than Lil Kim’s album, because lets be honest, that wasn’t even her best work, Trill O.G. just can’t compare with those classics. Lyrically Bun B is at is best and the production is pretty good, but you can’t listen to this album without skipping over a few tracks (Countin’ Money All Day and Sext Me specifically.)

So why did The Source give the album such a high rating? Publicity? Am I wrong in my critique? I think it was partly publicity, and a way to make up for the magazines past oversights. Bun B is one of the games vets at 20 years strong. His work with the late Pimp C as U.G.K. helped give the South and identity and I feel that Underground Kingz should have gotten the recognition as a classic album. Giving Trill O.G. the 5 Mic was almost an apology to Bun B for not realizing how great of an MC he really is sooner. Plus it reminded everyone that The Source is still around, even if its not as relevant.

Is Bun B’s latest his greatest? Should everyone have a copy of it? Yes and Yes. Is it a classic? Not quite. My rating: 4.5/5

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(Album Review) Eminem “Recovery”

Eminem blesses us with his 7th studio album, giving some what they expected, and surprising some. Overall, this is still a dark album, much like Encore and Relapse. Yet this body of work contains more life than any recent Marshall Mathers product.

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Album Review: Drake-Thank Me Later

One of the most anticipated new artists of the summer has finally dropped his debut cd. If you don’t know who I’m talking about it’s none other than Drake himself. It has been debated by many if he would drop a masterpiece based on his success with Young Money. He has some big shoes to fill because not since Kanye has there been this much buzz around a new artist. The leak Thank Me Later a couple weeks early has a few worried but with guest appearances from Jay-Z, T.I., Swizz Beatz, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, and Alicia Keys Thank Me Later is sure to move some big numbers.  With that being said let’s dive into Drake-Thank Me Later.

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Album Review: Ludacirs – Battle of The Sexes

When Ludacris first announced he was going to put out a Battle of the Sexes cd my initial reaction was Word! Ludacris’ game plan was to give female mcs the outlet that has been closed for the last few list. Well just by looking at the roster of female artist in the game my initial thought was going to be he’s going to pull in the archieves and we are going to hear some familiar femcee voices that we haven’t heard in a long time. Battle of the Sexes did not live up to the hype that was initially placed around it. Yeah it’s great to hear another Ludacris cd but I got my hopes up to hear some femcees going in hard over air tight production. We’ll let’s get into the Battle of the Sexes.

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Mixtape Review: There Is No Competition 2

The wait is finally over! Apparently we can all thank DJ Drama that this mixtape was delayed from its original Christmas Day release. So, is it a late present from Mr. Loso, or just a lump of coal?

Oh it’s a present alright. One of the most anticipated mixtapes in a while definitely lives up to the hype.

Come on, its Fabolous. You know exactly what you’re going to get. He’s one of the few artists who actually puts out a lot of music, and its consistently good. Oh and you can’t forget the punch-lines when you’re talking about Fab. Example: “You’d rather fuck Magic with no Trojan on.” Fabolous made a name for himself on mixtapes, and its nice to see him finally return to his roots. He isn’t limited to a song structure and instead is just able to spit whatever he wants, however he wants. Drama’s production is good. There isn’t that “one beat” that every rapper is going to hop on and try to demolish, but there’s nothing bad on here.

The highlights from “the Funeral Service” are ‘The Wake,’ ‘Suicide 2,’ ‘Hard,’ and ‘Exhibit F.’

“The Wake” is the intro track and really sets the table for the rest of the tape. Not many artists bother putting time into their intro’s but Fab really goes in on this one. On “Suicide 2,” Fabolous does his best Biggie impression, with a nod at “Suicidal Thoughts.” “When I die fuck it I want to go to hell,  cuz I doubt the man upstairs will let you blow an L,” while Fab can’t touch Biggie, it is nice to see that some rappers can still pay homage to the greats. You knew Fab couldn’t stay away from the biggest song of the year. No one will ever outdo Jay Electronica on this beat, but Fabolous manages to hold his own on “Exhibit F.”

Finally, we get to “Hard.” I am torn on this song. In my opinion, listen to everything AFTER the first 1:23. The auto-tuned intro almost ruined the song for me. Luckily, Fab murders this track and saves it.

Overall, this mixtape is good. I’m not a huge Fab fan but this is gonna be on a loop for a while. The only negative thing I can say about it is that I got tired of the constant “killing the competition” lines really fast. We get it, you’re holding a funeral service for all of your alleged competition. You don’t need to tell us every song. If for some reason you haven’t download this mixtape yet, go do it. You won’t be disappointed.

Joy Daily Gives Her Thoughts On “Pretty Girls”

Wale’s new video “Pretty Girls” featuring Gucci Mane contains mostly light-skinned, Hispanic, or Mulatto chicks. Do Hip Hop artists prefer lighter skinned women in their videos? Does anyone even care? Obviously, Joy Daily does.

*Album Review* Diggy – First Flight Mixtape

Daniel Simmons better known as Diggy has just entered the Hip Hop world with a bang with his new mixtape The First Flight. We have heard his older brother JoJo roc the mic but Diggy is a mic controller.  If you don’t know, Daniel Diggy Simmons is also known as Rev Run’s (one third of one of the greatest hip hop groups ever Run DMC) son. Coming from a family of HipHop Royalty we could only hope for the best because it has been proven that sometimes the lyrical skills gene isn’t passed down. Well I believe that Diggy caught the gene. Take a ride with me on Diggy’s The First Flight Mixtape. Continue reading ‘*Album Review* Diggy – First Flight Mixtape’

Steady Decline of the Female MC in 2009

Interesting review. Only 3 female rappers dropped in 2009. Let’s hope Nicki Minaj can work her magic in 2010. The female rap game is depending on her. 10 years ago there was so many female mcs you never would have thought the game would look like it does now.